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How I Found Relief from Neck Pain Without Relying on Painkillers or Costly Chiropractor Visits

By Sarah Johnson | December 9th, 2023 | 10:17 am EDT

As a desk worker spending long hours at a computer, my neck pain worsened, becoming increasingly unbearable each evening.

After months of tossing and turning for many nights, I finally had enough and knew I had to address it before it got even worse.

My doctor told me on more than one occasion that there was nothing he could do to cure my neck pain.

He just kept prescribing me a variety of painkillers, and
suggested regular visits to the chiropractor, which pretty much told me that I should get used to living in constant pain.

I began seeing my chiropractor regularly, and although my neck felt better after each adjustment, It was only temporary and lasted like 3-5 hours! 

Not to mention, I simply couldn’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars each month.

I couldn’t believe that in today’s day and age - with all the technological advancements - there’s no way to stop that constant neck pain that radiates down your arms and shoulders and those intense tension headaches.

So I decided to look for an alternative solution on my own.

After hours of research, I stumbled across a top chiropractor who seemed to have the answer.

I decided to pay for an online consultation with him and, after a quick small talk, he went on to explain the real root cause of my pain.

"Your Slowly Damaging The Nerves In Your Neck"

Turns out that for every inch our head protrudes forward, an additional 10 pounds of force is added to the neck.

This constant forward head posture from looking at screens disrupts our neck's natural alignment, putting stress on the muscles and vertebrae.

The more prolonged and frequent this posture, the greater the strain on your neck muscles and cervical spine.

Over time, this continuous strain compresses the soft discs in your neck.

This can lead to a disc slipping out of place, putting pressure on your nerves causing neck pain that radiates down your arms and shoulders.

In other words... Your poor posture is literally destroying your neck.

Painkillers Are Not Cutting It!

Your doctor has probably prescribed you Tylenol, Advil or Ibuprofen for your neck pain - but that’s probably not going to solve it.

Why? Because painkillers are only masking the pain while doing absolutely nothing to address the disc issue.

As Dr. Alex explained…

Just as turning up the music to drown out squeaky car noises doesn't fix the problem of low oil, masking the pain with painkillers doesn’t address the underlying problem.

You are simply ignoring the actual root cause of the problem.

Finally, He Revealed That There's One Way to   Eliminate Neck Pain

…And that is to decompress the spine and lengthen the tight muscles pulling your neck forward.

It's safe to assume that if you can decompress the spine and lengthen these muscles…

...You can alleviate the symptoms associated with prolonged desk work and poor posture.

But how do you do it?

Traditional methods might suggest general stretching.

However, doing these exercises can be challenging when you're already in pain.

So… What’s the solution?

I asked him the same question.

And that’s when I first heard these words:

Cervical Traction.

This Method Restores The Neck's Natural Posture

Dr. Alex teamed up with U.S. startup SighRelief to develop a simple, at-home neck stretching device that harnesses the power of cervical traction for neck pain relief.

It’s called the CerviStretch.

This device stretches the neck at the optimal angle of 26 degrees.

It's this specific angle that decompresses the spine and lengthens the tight muscles pulling the neck forward, thereby restoring the neck’s natural posture.

As a result, the muscles in your neck can begin to relax, allowing the slipped disc to retract and repair, thus relieving the pressure on the nerves.

Ultimately, this alleviates chronic pain, stiffness, and discomfort...

And allowing you to return to the things you love again, free from constant neck pain.

I'm Not Exaggerating When I Say CerviStretch Saved My Life!

After just a week of using CerviStretch, my neck pain was improving and the stiffness began to fade.

I was astonished. 

After years of discomfort, I finally found relief.

Fast forward today, I can sit at my desk without pain, and even sleep through the night.

It's as if I've been given a new lease on life.

And I can’t wait to make up for all the time I lost.

Here’s How It Works

The best part about CerviStretch is that it’s so easy to use.

First off, there are no complicated setups or cords. You just put it on and simply inflate it...

And wear it for two 5 minute sessions a day and build up towards a continuous 10 minute session.

And that's it!

Thousands of People Were Able to Relieve Neck Pain With This Device

If you check out SighRelief’s website, you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you who were able to completely relieve their neck pain:

My neck used to feel like it was locked in a vice after a long day. Painkillers barely touched it, and I was worried about future damage. Then I found CerviStretch. 10 minutes a day is all it takes! The gentle stretch feels amazing, My posture even seems better! It's the best decision I've made.
  • Daniel Thompson

    • Verified Buyer

This thing is a lifesaver! It somehow stretches my neck just right, and I can't tell you how good it feels. My neck pain? Gone. My posture? Getting better every day. 

  • Sophie Martin

    • Verified Buyer

And the Best Part Is, You Don’t Have to Decide Today! Simply Try It for 30 Days - Risk-FREE - and See What Happens

Here’s the deal:

Dr. Alex and SighRelief believe in their product so much, they don’t want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.

That’s why they are offering a 30 day, money back guarantee.

Simply, get your CerviStretch today… Use it for 30 days… And then make your decision based on the results.

If it somehow doesn’t work for you and you don’t experience any relief, you simply return it and they will issue you an immediate refund.

In other words, you are only paying if it turns out to be a complete lifesaver.

And from my experience, I can almost guarantee that it will.

Ready? Here’s How to Place Your Order

Click that big green “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button.

It’s going to take you straight to SighRelief's official encrypted website.

There, you will get a special one-time deal reserved for first-time customers. (As much as 50% OFF)

All you need to do is click the button that says “GET 50% OFF” and your discount code will be automatically applied.

From there, you’ll go straight to the checkout page where you just need to enter your name, address, and credit card information.

…And select how many CerviStretchs you want.

I suggest you do AT LEAST two, because the more you get the bigger the discount you receive (you can save as much as 70%!)

That’s because SighRelief saves a lot of money on shipping if they put more products in one box, and they are happy to share those savings with you.

So whenever you are ready, click the big green button below and order your CerviStretchs today at 50% OFF (or more)



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